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VOIA concept

시대의 흐름에 빠르게 변화해가며, 품격을 잃지 않는 고급스럼움과 새로은 트랜드에 맞게 사용자의 입장을 먼저 생각하는 실용적인 디자인

VOIA is passionate brand about creating beautiful leather cases for smart phones and tablets.

At VOIA , You can discover Perfection.
to create top quality cases that surpass the expectations of our customers ,Every product is handcrafted to ensure a perfect fit for your mobile device and maximum protection.

VOIA is based in Seoul, South Korea.
Everything is produced locally. No overseas mass production. Only the best team of skilled craftsmen. Precision handcrafted! Please no doubt over VOIA 's superiority in design and quality.

Our company is PARAN MADANG CO.,LTD.

our representative brand for Smart phone cases is VOIA. PARAN MADANG CO.LTD devotes all its energy for new product development and production related with smart phone accessories since 2010.

We experienced remarkable growth despite short period. It was possible because we have been invested in bringing in great artisans and designers in this field for the best products. and now, we are one of the leading company in the field of phone case &accessories as a manufacturer & exporter in South Korea.

We make top quality cases by skilled craftsmen. We can arrange various kinds of cases to protect mobile devices by customers' demand. In order to meet new trend, we always try to provide clients competitive advantages like top quality products, efficient after sales service, quick delivery and reasonable price.

We have enjoyed fine reputation in this field over the world as our products are well recognized with best quality and service.
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Address: 101, Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (#301,Najin electronic building 10 dong, 1-3, Hangangno-3ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea) Overseas manager : Ms.Anna Kim
Tel (office) : 82-2-707-1033~4 fax: 82-2-6733-1039 e-mail : jnb1033@empas.com